Dreamy Anniversary Photoshoot in Venice

When the light is glowing

Have you ever walked in Venice at sunrise? Does it look surreal? Can you only imagine empty squares sparked with the golden sun? Barbara and Guilherme came to Venice to experience this magic. Moreover, they brought into the Italian streets their tenderness and love. Unquestionably, every couple deserves to experience the tranquility of a getaway like this.


Undoubtedly, a couple photoshoot in Venice, Italy is a fabulous experience in any weather condition. It may be sunrise or sunset, foggy morning, or a summer evening. However, what creates something special in your photos are your feelings. So let the magic sparkle over Venice while you two live moments of your life in a particular place like Venice.


Dear ladies and gentlemen! Since you are here, exploring this page, you may be interested in finding your photographer in Venice. If you’re inspired by timeless elegance, you are welcome to drop me a message and narrate to me your love story. I am always happy to receive your ideas, inspirations, and yet mood boards from Pinterest.


Since you must be travelers, I can’t wait to get my camera and meet you for a couple photoshoot in Venice, Italy, but also somewhere in Europe. It’s my pleasure to transform your ideas into photos. For more inspiration, travel dates, and information about myself, please, find the Instagram account and be sure to message me.

 “Love is the food of life. Travel is dessert.”

So let’s love, travel, and create to make this world even more beautiful!

Anniversary photographer Venice Italy
Alina Indi, Photographer in Venice