Venice Engagement Session at Sunrise

October 16, 2021

This sunrise Engagement Session in Venice is an elegant prelude to an exciting wedding preparation that is about to start soon. Venice Engagement

Fine Art Photographer in Venice, Alina Ind

Anyway, with engagement outfits this perfect, I imagine how unbelievable their wedding looks is going to be!

engagement photoshoot venice

Such a sentimental Venice Engagement session is a demonstration of love, tenderness, style, and chic. Undoubtedly, these love birds picked the best destination for such a concept. Moreover, the future newlyweds have been looking for a combination of fashion and fine art in their Venice Engagement photography. Also, they wanted to see themselves in a special place where every corner and stone speaks about romance and infinity. Place where lovers usually come to exchange vows of eternal love. Venice Engagement 

Under the morning Venetian sun, against the golden mosaic of St Mark’s Basilica and tiny colorful bridges crossing canals. That’s how this stunning couple decided to celebrate their engagement. It was an honor to be behind the lens capturing all the charm revealing. Be sure to see the full gallery here!

engagement photoshoot venice

The guys had the engagement session in Venice as the start of wedding preparation in Italy. Anyway, the style of their shoot probably gives a link to what’s going to happen.

Whatever brings you to Venice, a destination anniversary like this one, or an elopement shoot like this one, I can’t wait to meet you all over Italy. But, above all, I can’t wait to know your story. Your sincere love and emotions will bring sparkles into the photos.

Venice engagement photographer

I want to know all your ideas and inspirations. So wherever it is, DM on Instagram or write me an email with the date and place of your shoot. Again, I want to know all your ideas, see references and talk about the future session. From my side, I want to share my mood boards and outfit suggestions on Pinterest accounts.

Venice wedding photographer, Alina Indi

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