Sunrise Portrait Shoot in Venice

January 13, 2022

Portrait Photoshoot in Venice

Have you ever dreamt of having a portrait photoshoot in Venice? That kind of shoots where you would feel like an Italian diva riding a luxury boat in Venice and eating pasta for lunch? I am here for you with the proof that such a dream can quickly come true. It’s enough get in touch with your Venice portrait photographer, book the best water taxi perfectly driven by an elegant Italian gentleman, and met up at sunrise. That’s it! 

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Why did we choose a sunrise slot for this shot?

We wanted to catch the first rays of the morning sun when it’s barely visible over the horizon. This time is famously known as “golden hour” when the light is soft and flattering. However, there are many other advantageous of shoot in dawn in Venice. For example, the streets and squares are not overcrowded yet. This is an unusual experience if walking down in the empty city that usually that turns to be even more beautiful and charming. Usually, it is an advantage for couples and models who look for an intimate athmosphare to be relaxed and authentic in front of the camera.

Would we achieve the same result shooting at sunset?

Absolutely yes! It is not a must to wake up before the sun lit the Venetian lagoon. We can meet up for a late evening slot, our second chance to catch the famous “golden hour”. The sunset light is as soft and warm, as the morning one. Moreover, I love shooting at that time as many of my couple prefer to take more time to get ready for a shoot that can be challenging at sunrise.

Indeed, the afternoon Venice is not as empty as the early morning one. Nevertheless, I will bring you to the locations where you find yourself far from the local touristic attractions. They will be local districts and isolated places where you still see St Mark’s square, but feel very intimate and relaxed.

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Whatever brings you to Venice, a destination wedding like this one or a love story shoot like this one, I can’t wait to meet you all over Italy. But, above all, I can’t wait to know your story. Your sincere love and emotions will bring sparkles into the photos.

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I want to know all your ideas and inspirations. So wherever it is, DM on Instagram or write me an email with the date and place of your shoot. Again, I want to know all your ideas, see references and talk about the future session. From my side, I want to share my mood boards and outfit suggestions on Pinterest accounts.

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