Elegant and Classy Elopement in Venice

September 8, 2021

Delighted to share Marlena & Bartos’s wedding today as a classy and romantic elopement in Venice. Without a doubt, It is one of my preferred nuptials of the summer, in the city, I usually work: Venice. Elegant and Classy Elopement in Venice


classy and elegant elopement in Venice

Wedding Venice Photographerù

On that beautiful morning, we traversed San Mark’s square and wandered over the isolated areas of Venice. Definitely, we cherished each moment when the Sun rose over the Basilika. Especially when the city turned golden for a few minutes. Almost every corner and building exposed us to its absolute beauty. The getaway of two hearts escaped the bustling life in the city of love—the elopement wedding. Venice photographer

classy and elegant elopement in Venice

The summertime was almost over. The soft glow and the rising Sun continued a slow feeling that may arise just on vacation. Everything supported us to the sense of comfort and happiness. The areas we toured overwhelmed the lovers. Streets and bridges were peaceful and empty in the morning. Indeed, that’s why I love sunrise shoots, as we can discover the genuine atmosphere at this time.

Elopement photographer in Venice Alina Indi

Whatever reason brings you to this beautiful country, a destination wedding, or a vacation shoot in Venice, I look forward to joining you all over Italy. But, above all, I can’t wait to photograph your special moments here. Your genuine emotions and sentiments will indeed produce sparkles in the images. It is a pleasure for me to realize your ideas. So wherever it is, could you send me an email or DM on Instagram?

Venice photographer wedding photographer, Alina Indi

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