An elopement wedding in Venice is a fabulous and romantic way to tie the knot, with a unique opting to exchange vows in your special location where you’ve always dreamt of getting married.

Starting your family officially somewhere amazing and mesmerizing is all you two can wish for no matter what’s going on in the world and how many guests you’re allowed to invite. Most likely, you will organize an unforgettable party in your city with friends and family afterward or transmit the ceremony online. No matter the format you choose, the first chapter in your family history is about you two and your love story. If you are searching for elegance, chic, romance, and sophisticated luxury places, then the medieval palazzo, St. Mark’s Square, with its magnificent cathedral and bell tower, arches, Italian streets, and gondolas, will add an unforgettable atmosphere to your elopement.

This elopement is associated with the tradition of giving a red rose as a manifestation of love. The elopement of Filippo and Agatha was organized with the help of a wedding planning agency, “Venice Emotions,” whose great idea was to connect the love story of this couple with the Venetian celebration of love 25. The ceremony took place in the unique 15th-century Venetian palazzo where the 5-star hotel “Ca Sagredo” is located.



Wedding Planner:  Venice Emotions 

MUAH: Marta Ferraresso

Venue: Ca’ Sagredo

Gowns/ costume / accessories : Sposissimi

Wedding stationery: Alfiero Creative 

Fashion designer: Maria Milena Stilista @maria_milena_stilista

Flowers: Pretty Flowers Fioreria San Rocco

Bride & groom: Agata&Filippo @agatacarraro @filippo.zani