How to get ready for a wedding Makeup & Hair?

How to get ready for a wedding Makeup & Hair? Follow the pro tips of a professional wedding makeup & hair artist, Aleksandra Zocatelli

  1. First things first, start by researching different hairstyles and makeup looks that will complement your dress and personal style. Pinterest can be a great source of inspiration for finding the perfect bridal look. You can save all of the pictures in a Pinterest folder and share the link with your stylist. They will be able to see all the things that you love. Some styles look different on different hair lengths and colors. If you like to use hair extensions, speak about this to your artist. It’s ok if you are overwhelmed with the options. Your stylist will advise you on the best looks taking into consideration your dress style, your face features, and hair type.
  2. Next, it’s time to start searching for your artist!  Check if their work reflects the style you are looking for. Before you send the deposit, set up a video call to see if you are a good fit. On your wedding day, you want to surround yourself with friendly, kind people who will reduce your stress and will get along well with your family and friends. Schedule a trial run with your hairstylist and makeup artist. If you are a destination bride and you can’t book the trial in advance, schedule it the day before and use it for your rehearsal dinner or pizza party. If the trial is not possible at all, make sure to have a call with your artist to discuss it well and schedule some more time on a wedding day for any changes. This is crucial to ensure that you’re happy with the final result on your wedding day. Communication is key here – don’t be afraid to speak up about what you like or dislike during the trial.

More tips?

  • Make sure to wear a white or light-colored top similar to your wedding dress during the trial so you can see how the colors will look against it.
  • Come with no makeup and clean hair, washed and dried at least 4h before the trial.

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  • A few months before your wedding, make an appointment with your cosmetologist. See what you can do to give the artist the best possible canvas to work on. Winter and spring can be a great month to do some peeling and cleaning.
  • Putting on a cream day before the wedding will not do much if you do not take great care of your skin months before the wedding day. A few days before you can think of moisturizing mask, lip and nose peeling, brow fixing. Don’t do anything new, right before the wedding. You don’t want to have green hair or a burned face on your big day. Use sunscreen all year, especially a few weeks before the date.
  • On the big day, remember to stay hydrated and eat well. You want to glow from the inside out! Wear something that can be easily changed so you will not ruin the hair or makeup.
  • If your wedding dress has open shoulders, don’t put on a bra with stripes. They will make a red mark on your skin. Also, have a touch-up kit on hand for any last-minute fixes throughout the day. Most of the artists will gift one to you after the service.
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  • And let’s not forget about the lovely bridesmaids! Coordinate hair and makeup looks with them in advance so everyone looks cohesive in photos. Send to your artist their pictures and inspirations for their look so they can be prepared best. It’s their job to support you but also feel confident themselves!
  • Prepare a good space for your artist to work in. A large table close to electricity, access to a big window for daylight, and a comfortable chair.
So you have some essential tips for nailing your wedding hair and makeup. Remember, it’s all about feeling beautiful inside and out on this special day.
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